What our Parents say… 2

What our Parents say

“I would feel comfortable talking to any of the staff if I had an issue about something”

“Nursery on the Heath offer an inviting, welcoming atmosphere. Other Nurseries I have been to don’t seem to be as welcoming and staff look miserable”

“He always runs off and plays as soon as we enter. He starts clapping his hands and laughing when he see’s Keeley”

“Lottie absolutely loves Nursery on the Heath. She was previously at another placement where she was increasingly unhappy. The difference in Lottie in just a few weeks is amazing! She can’t wait to show us what she has been doing, and rarely wants to come home! The staff here are wonderful. They genuinely care about the well-being of their children, rather than just caring for them! I would highly recommend Nursery on the Heath to any parent seeking a happy and safe environment.”

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