Holiday Theme Week

Dear parents,


The children were very busy last week. Since we’ve had such beautiful weather recently and lots of children have been going on holiday, the staff decided to use this as a key theme.


The children have been exploring their creative skills by designing their own swimwear, creating lots of patterns with crayons. They have also made their own pair of sunglasses and have been discussing ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ clothing and sorting them into suitcases. They have also made holiday collages, cutting their own pictures from brochures and sticking them on paper. What a creative week!


The children have also enjoyed practicing their writing and letter skills. They set up an office in the garden where they were using biros and letter stencils, helping them to recognise the letters that they have been discussing recently.


As it has been so beautiful recently, the children have enjoyed going for a few picnics on the heath. They have enjoyed taking their tea and nibbling on a few ice creams, too!


As you may have noticed, we had a familiar face around the nursery last week. Elaine Taylor came back to work with us for a couple of days as a member of bank. It was lovely having Elaine back and I know the children loved it too! Elaine put her creative skills to use last week as she did lots of face painting with the children and created many sensory activities in the garden.


We have also got an exciting week ahead of us. The barn are getting very excited about our new visitors who are getting ready to hatch in a week or so. The children are very intrigued as to how the peacocks will look when they hatch, as we have never hatched them before at Nursery on the Heath. Fingers crossed they all come out on time!


Continuing with the holiday theme this week, the children will be looking at our hot and cold holidays and beach and ski resorts. They will be exploring artificial snow and they are planning to make their own beaches, too!


What a fun week!


I hope you’re all well and enjoying your summer,



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