Sarah Cook

I am delighted to announce that Sarah Cook will be returning to Nursery on the Heath!

Many of you may know Sarah, especially those who have been with us since we opened. Sarah opened the nursery as our Deputy Manager and worked alongside myself, Keeley and Marisa until January this year where she left to work within the NHS Health Visitors team as a Nursery Nurse. Sarah’s role has included working with children and parents doing 2 year checks, parenting clubs and as part of a support network. Previously to coming to the Nursery, Sarah worked as a Paramedic, so not only has years of experience working with children of all ages, she is also extremely qualifies in First Aid and working under pressure. Sarah will be working with the Tweenie room supporting Carla and the team.

Sarah will also be acting third in charge in the absence of Keeley or Marisa. With Sarah back on board Marisa will be able to continue overseeing the baby room and Keeley will continue her management duties as well as overseeing the Barn. We are delighted to have Sarah back with us and wish her great success in her new role at NOTH.

Regards, Natasha

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